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Translation and Interpretation


Today was another enriching, fun-filled day. After classes at El Sol, we went to UNIFÉ for the third time. After lunch, we attended a fair that was all about taking care of the environment. Each student was assigned a tour guide to accompany him/her around the fair. The tour guides, of course, were the students of translation and interpretation from UNIFÉ, so their job was to translate the presentations for our students, even though I’m confident our clever group could understand most of what they heard. In any case, it was a great opportunity for the UNIFÉ students to get real-life interpretation experience. The presentations included information on the different ecosystems of Peru, tips on how to conserve electricity, and much more.

Later, we had a culture class focused on social dynamics and civil rights in Peru and compared them to the U.S. Finally, we finished the day with a language exchange with our language partners. The students were visibly energized by all of the opportunities for interaction that they had throughout the day.

Real Life Experience

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