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Poder Judicial del Cono Norte


To round off our week we took a trip to the “poder judicial del cono norte” of Lima. It’s the judicial office of that region of the city where civil cases are handled. In pairs we were assigned an employee and taken on a tour of his/her work area. Our guide introduced us to many other employees. It was interesting to see how they worked in close quarters with each other and how they also worked in tight spaces, what with all of the giant stacks of case files everywhere you looked. It really made me wonder what the judicial authority’s office is like in the US. In any case, we had fun getting an inside peek at it all.

Afterwards, we all gathered in a big room to ask questions of the right-hand man of the president of the office. We learned about some ways in which the judiciary system works differently here as compared to in the US. One example is that here they don’t have juries. Well, with two branches of the government checked off our list, all that we lack is a visit to the executive power.

Learning the Peruvian Judicial System

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