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San Francisco Church


On this fine Saturday we got to know Lima Histórico. We started off early with a tour of the Palacio del Gobierno. It was interesting to see inside this extravagantly adorned building. They even had guards who were frozen in position. Later, at noon, we saw the changing of the guard. However, directly after the government palace tour, we took a tour of the cathedral. It’s the only cathedral in Lima, and like the government palace, it’s located in the Plaza Mayor. We had an excellent guide who spoke very clearly and slowly for us to understand.

After a nice lunch of pollo a la brasa at Pardo’s Chicken, we went to San Francisco Church where we got a tour of the catacombs. The air was dank, and the space was limited, but it was such a unique experience. It’s amazing to think of how old these buildings are. In fact, my understanding is that much of them have been rebuilt or restored, especially because of the great earthquake of 1746 that we keep hearing about, but the buildings were originally from the colony in the 1500s.


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