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Spanish Classes


Day four of Spanish classes at El Sol were great as always. The students are learning local slang and customs such as “papaya” which, in addition to the fruit, also means “easy”. Some classes are also learning about the many superstitions that Peruvians have such as walking with a suitcase around the block to acquire future travel opportunities. The teachers are also kind enough to bring in some food to sample such as ciruelas which are plums, but they are smaller here or aguaymanto which are a small yellow fruit.

In the afternoon the visit to the air force school was enriching as always. This time in ended with some sports. This could be a preview of what’s to come on our last day and closing ceremonies.

On a personal note, I had my first chifa (Sino-Peruvian restaurant) experience. I had lomo saltado and chaufa (fried rice) as well as fried wontons. It was delicious. For breakfast I also ate chicken blood! Not bad, actually.

Lomo Saltado

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