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Comparing US and Peru


I have heard from the students that they are really enjoying their Spanish classes at El Sol and that they’re learning a lot. Today they had another great day of classes in the morning. Afterwards, we were off to UNIFÉ. Today we had some tasty fish for lunch, and after the students finished eating, they went over to where another group of foreigner visitors were eating (a group from Puerto Rico) and started talking to them. It’s great to see the students so eager to practice their language skills and meet new people.

Afterwards, we had conversation time with our Peruvian language partners. With some helpful prompts, the conversations flowed around topics such as cultural differences. We started by comparing Peru and the U.S. with regards to accessibility to guns, ideal employment, what’s considered rude in each country. After a good long conversation, we finished off the afternoon with a very engage talk about terrorism in Peru in the 1980s. At that time there were two groups (Sendero Luminoso and MRTA) with similarly communist ideologies (but different tactics) fighting against the government and terrorizing the people. It was especially fun to learn about this and discuss it with our language partners who joined us for the class today.

Conversation Time

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