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Today we went a little further south to Nazca. We drove through some scenic desert and mountain landscapes. Along the journey, we first saw “la Cara del Inca”, a rock formation in the form of a face. Then we tasted the waters of the ancient subterranean water canals. It was especially cool that there was a spiral walkway to reach the water below, although this was added in recent decades. Then we stopped to learn about the “Paredones Incas” which are ruins of an ancient administrative site. Next, we had a pottery workshop which replicates the original way the local indigenous people made their crafts. After that, we were treated to a gold refining workshop. It’s done in an artisanal way by the locals.

Finally, we saw three of the famous Nazca lines, giant ancient hieroglyphs on the desert floor. From a tower along the Pan-American highway we could see the “hands”, the “tree”, and the “lizard” as well as some trapezoidal designs. I found it particularly interesting to learn that besides these most famous ones, the whole area contains tons of other geoglyphs and petroglyphs that can be observed. Lastly, to round out the night, we went out for some Spanish karaoke.

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