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First Day of Classes

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Lindsey Smith 5/27/19

Today was the first day of classes at El Sol, getting off to an early start at 9 am. Everyone split off into the classes that they were placed into depending on both their written and spoken exams. Each group has one teacher for grammar and another for a conversational class. Since today was the first day, our class got to know each other, and we discussed the things that we do and do not know in order for the teachers to get a better understanding of our Spanish levels. The teachers were very understanding and compassionate to the students, showing a lot of interest in making us comprehend the material. The grammar class was from 9:10-11 am and then the students were given a 10-minute break before the next class began. The conversational class began at 11:10 and ended at 12 pm. During the conversational class there was a riot going on outside of the classroom which was very interesting to see. The riot was because of a housing issue that is going on in that area. Although it is not very positive, it gave the classroom a lot of area for discussion which was very helpful to understand the political state of Lima right now. Following class, the group headed to get lunch which was very delicious. Everyone was served a small appetizer and a delicious meal, with both vegetarian and vegan plates available. Once lunch was finished, the group headed to the Air Force school where we were graciously welcomed by the students and administrators. Everyone was so happy to meet each other and so eager to learn about each other’s lives. The president said that even though we are from so far apart, it is our interests and our hearts that bring us together and that stuck out greatly. The students were so willing to work with our group and they were so helpful, understanding that we all have different levels of Spanish. After being greeted and taking a few pictures to commemorate the event, students split up into groups. Some groups went into classrooms and others got a tour of the school. For the students that went into the classrooms, they were to teach and answer questions that the Peruvian students may have about the topic that was presented or their lives in general. The Peruvian students were so excited to have students from the United States come into their classrooms- they were full of questions about our food, our politics surrounding Donald Trump, and what our lives in general are like. Many of the students wanted to take pictures and were so animated about seeing blonde hair and blue eyes. The group then went into another classroom to learn about more Peruvian culture, specifically some forms of dance which were very interesting to see and to also try to do. Once the presentation was over, more students came into the room to have more conversation with the group. The children were around the ages of 11-16 and were so intelligent. They could hold conversations in both English and Spanish which was both inspiring and fascinating. The children were so amazing to meet and connect with, it was amazing to learn so much about their lives. The day ended on such a high note, it was a perfect first day of classes.

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