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Getting Settled In


After some much-needed sleep. We woke up to our first Peruvian breakfast, each with our host families. Many of us had eggs, local bread, and freshly squeezed juice. Our host families introduced us to the important spots in the neighborhood such as where we could do laundry, where to buy Soles, and the school where we would study.

For lunch, we met at a seaside, outdoor mall called #Larcomar for some juicy pollo a la brasa at Pardo’s Chicken. This was where the first indication that we had a unique group presented itself: half of the group requested dark meat (pierna) whereas past groups only wanted white meat (pecho).

After lunch we walked to Parque Kennedy where we ascended the double-decker Mirabus and toured our district of Lima, #Miraflores. #Peru

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