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Busy Day

Updated: Jun 11, 2019


Today was a great day for the Northeastern crew! It’s only the second day of classes and I can already tell that I’m going to learn a lot for our Peruvian teachers. We have two classes at El Sol: one grammar class bright and early at 9 am and after a small break our conversation class. Today in Grammar, we learned how to conjugate verbs in the future tense, which I remember learning about in high school but definitely needed a refresher. We did a little activity where we worked in pairs, one of us pretended to be a fortune teller and the other got their “fortune” told. We predicted each others future and practiced our future tenses. According to my partner, I’m going to love forever and marry someone super rich. Can’t wait! In Conversation class we practiced using the future again when we arched a video and tried to predict what would happen next. Then we practiced using preterite and imperfect tenses by telling stories. After classes were over at El Sol, we went to lunch at a local restaurant. I had pasta salad, fried chicken with pesto pasta, and chocolate cake, ¡qué rico! We then went to the Manuel Polo Jimenez School which is a school for the children of those who serve in the Air Force of Peru. Today, my language partner Camila and I took a tour of the school and talked about everything from her favorite classes to her future plans. Camila wants to be an Air Force pilot just like her dad! After the tour, the Northeastern students listened to a lecture about Inca history and the decline of the empire. It was super interesting and we learned a lot. After the lecture we split up and each got the opportunity to talk to the students. They practiced their English while we practiced our Spanish. My group and I talked about our favorite shows on Netflix, music and they even showed me some of their dance moves. We get to sled the rest of the week with the students so I’m really excited to talk to more kids and learn more about their Peruvian culture. After the school, I came back to my host family’s condo and ate dinner, lentils, rice and fried plantains and finished my homework. Ready for the next day in Peru!

Chocolate Cake

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