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Amaz Restaurante

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

I am a cook and researcher of the Amazon. I grew up on the edge of the sea in Lima, Peru.

- Pedro Miguel Schiaffino

Amaz is located in LIma, Peru's Miraflores neighborhood, right next to the Hilton Miraflores. The restaurant has Amazonian dishes so if you are an adventurous diner this would be the place to go. The interior decoration is worth seeing as well.

As a child I spent long periods in Punta Hermosa, a resort located about 40 kilometers from Lima, where my relationship with fishing began and my passion for inputs was born.
- Pedro Miguel Schiaffino

I went to this restaurant a few years ago while visiting my family and would love to bring the DOC class of 2019 to Amaz to experience it.

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