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Today was full day. We started a little slow, but in the morning we met up to board the bus to Pachacámac, a very important archaeological site of the pre-Hispanic people in the Lima area. Pachacámac is the name of one of their gods, and his name means “creator of the Earth”. When we arrived, we took a guided tour of the museum which contained pottery and other wares found in the site, and then we toured the grounds. Much of the area still needs to be excavated. Also, sadly, people had built a town on some of the ruins before the government started protecting the site. In any case, there was still a lot to see in this Mecca of the pre-Hispanic cultures, such as the Temple of the Sol which was one of the Incan contributions when they took control over the site.

Late in the evening, we went to Brisas del Titicaca, a cultural organization. There we watched a lot of impressive typical folkloric dances from Peru. The outfits the dancers wore were very ornate. We also had many chances to dance on the stage, and well, while some of us went more willing than others, we all had a great time. I for one am glad to have participated in this unique cultural experience.


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