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It was a sunny Sunday in Lunahuaná, a district in the south of the department of Lima close to the border with Ica. After a long bus ride, we hopped off and prepared for our whitewater rafting adventure. The water level is low at this time of year, so I felt safe to give it a try. The students were all so excited. We broke into teams of 6 or 7 and boarded our rafts. Right off the bat we were getting wet as we traversed the rapids, rowing in coordination according to the instructions of our guide. Though the water was cold, it was quite refreshing under the hot sun.

After rafting we got to drive ATVs. We each got our own vehicle and did a short off-road trail together. It was the first time for me and many others, I’m sure. After that, we met our guide and did honey tasting, wine tasting, and toured the town church. It all had a nice, small-town feel. I found it quite interesting to learn how the honey is harvested and how different flavors are produced. After a fun day, we headed back to Miraflores for the night.

Driving ATVs

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