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La Universidad Feminina del Sagrado Corazón


Today, after attending the Spanish classes at El Sol in the morning, we went to la Universidad Feminina del Sagrado Corazón (UNIFÉ). It’s an all-women’s university in Lima. There we had a nice lunch and then broke off into small groups for a guided tour with some of the university students. We continued in these groups (one of us and 3-5 of them) for language partner conversation. We spoke for half of the time in English and half of the time in Spanish. It was fun to ask and answer questions with our Peruvian peers.

After the conversation time, students from our group as well as students from UNIFÉ made short speeches to the whole group as a welcome and to share experiences. Some were given in Spanish and some in English. Then, UNIFÉ presented us with four different folkloric dances, some of which we were able to get involved in. This was just the first day at UNIFÉ, so we expect many more memories to be made.

Folkloric Dances

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